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To fix the iPhone boot loop

[2019.01.08] スマホスピタル藤沢

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Hello, We are smahospital Fujisawa store.


How do you do if your iPhone becomes boot loop?

Sometimes, iPhone boot loop happen by some reason.

It is a very troubly…

Because, Your phone can not use while the condition of boot loop.

Well, How should we do in that case?

There are some solutions to fix your iPhone boot loop!

Today, We’ll explain you about iPhone’s boot loop.


The cause of boot loop

As already mentioned, Boot loop have some reason.

For Examples,

  • cause of fail the iOS update
  • cause of the battery’s worse

We can cite as the reason such things.


The Solution

Well, If your phone fail the iOS update, How Should you do?

The solution is a iTunes!

You can operate the iOS update as your intention by iTunes.

The way of the update by iTune,

  1. Connect your phone to iTunes in status of phone’s power is turning on
  2. Be your phone recovery mode by your operating. ※Please refer about the recovery mode in Apple Official Site.
  3. It’ll display iTunes to suggest that iTunes found the iPhone what need a recover.
  4. Click the “recover” button.
  5. It’ll start the recovery process. Please wait a little.

Your phone will becomes usualy status by this operation if it done well.



That’s the all of the solution of iPhone boot loop fixing operation.

In many case, It’ll resolve the boot loop by that solution.

We appreciate if this information is be your help!


Thank you for your reading this article!

See you again!!



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